Ezine How To Tutorial

Every on line business needs to have their own ezine or newsletter to send to subscribers on a regular basis.

Experienced webmasters and entrepreneurs know that a good mailing list is about the same as having money in the bank.

It's only thru repeat contact, that you can build a trusting relationship with someone. Once your subscriber learns to trust you, they'll be more willing to look at your newest ideas and offers.

  1. What is an Ezine / Newsletter?
    An ezine or newsletter is a simple publication, designed to offer ongoing information related to the theme of your site

  2. How often should I send out my publication?
    Bi-weekly works well for the average webmaster. Very specific, or low volume sites may need to send only once  monthly, while busy high traffic sites may send weekly, or some even daily. The frequency of your publication will largely depend on the amount of new content, products or ideas you have to offer, and the time you have to spare.

  3. Who should be on my list?
    Current customers, new customers, and anyone that voluntarily opts in (subscribes) to your list.

  4. What do I need to create an ezine /newsletter?
    You will need a reliable mailing program, to hold your list of subscribers, and a way to mail out your publication.

    If your just starting you could use your regular email program. However this is a very labor intense way of managing a list. It would require you to add and delete subscribers manually, and as your list gets larger you may run into problems with your ISP (internet service provider) Most ISP's either charge extra, or do not allow mailing lists, and that could get you shut down permanently.

    There are free places that you can use to set up and manage your list. Such as Yahoo or Bravenet.  

    Special Note: Bravenet also has a large number of other free applications you can use to make your site interactive or sticky, and all are as simple as copy and paste. 

    Or your could use, what the expert use, a multi functional software called Mailoop, that will automate and simplify all your emailing chores forever.

  5. How do I get subscribers?
    Give your visitors enticing reasons for joining your list. Chances are they already belong to several lists and will not join yours without some real obvious benefits.

    Offer genuine content, books or software that they can't find easily elsewhere.

    Be sure to add a subscription box to every page of your site

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    Add your site to ezine directories.

    Here's a couple to get you started

    Ezine Directory


    Also use the ezine announce groups at places like Yahoo.com

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