Finding A Market

Selling on the net can be very rewarding proposition. But you need to focus your efforts on a single saleable product at any one time.

This is called niche marketing.

The first thing you need is a salable product. If you need ideas for a product check out newsgroups and forums, take a look at what questions and problems keep coming up. This is a group just waiting to buy the solution you could provide.

Other place to develop ideas is to check out the best sellers list at places like Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or the New York Times. When you know what people are actually buying you can create a similar or complimentary product.

Not everyone is going to buy what you have to offer so don't waste your time and money getting just any old traffic to your site. 

You only want the smaller market, the actual buyer for your product to stop by.

Focus your key words and ads on the strongest buyer wants or emotions. 

Make your headlines shout out the prime benefit of your product. 

Thru your site be very specific of what your product can do for them. 

Make it easy to buy from you, be clear how to buy, how to complete the purchase, and then deliver on your promise. 

Remember that these first time buyers are the hardest ones to get. Treat them well, and they will continue to buy  from you.

When you master this technique you will never find yourself short of cash again.

Consider this, lets suppose you create 1 little niche market that generates a mere 5 sales per month at just $29 each that's going to give you a nice little bonus of $145 each month. 

Not bad, but not that much you think. Well suppose over the next year you develop 12 little niche products. That's not hard. That's just 1 product per month. Now consider what happens to your income, 12 x 145 = $1740.00 per month = $20,880.00 per year. 

Not to shabby for a little part time job.

For each little niche market you just follow the same pattern over and over.

  1. Identify a specific problem, 
  2. Create a solution, 
  3. Create a 2 page mini site, 
    (page1 a powerful sales letter, page 2 a thank you page)
  4. Market your solution, where the buyers hang out.
    (your list, news groups, forums, searches = Google ads)

Remember, there is no such thing as a failure. Truth is some things will sell better than others, but everything has value for the education it gives you, and you can't learn if you don't try.

So what are you waiting for! Go find your niche!