Getting Domain Names

Getting your own domain name is one of the things that will make your site easier to remember and give it a sense of permanency. 

You see, it's not the first time visitor that needs your name, they found you thru a search engine or link from someone-else's site.  It's the returning visitor who saw something they liked but forgot to bookmark your site, and now they can't remember how they got to you in the first place, that will need to try and remember a name related to who or what you are.

Make it as easy as possible for them. Get yourself a real  .com address. Others are being offered right now such as  .us  .info  .biz  .ws .tv .cc  and a few others, but nothing sticks as easy as a good old fashion .com  name

Make that domain name as short and memorable as possible.

Figure out what is your site about, or what is it for? What are your top key words?

Ideally you want a domain that is descriptive of your content, product or service, or alternately you could try a name that is catchy or silly. Anything that is really memorable will work to make people recall the name of your site.

Once you have your domain name you can have it  hosted with whatever web hosting company you like.

You will need to know their name servers and IP address to make the changes. Most hosting companies will provide that information as soon as your site is set-up. 

If for some reason they don't then you can usually find that information on their site, or by asking their customer service

If you have used a register like   you could also use their domain name  forwarding and masking option instead.

With forwarding,  people who type in or click on  will arrive at your sub site like

but they still only see  in their address bar.

This allows your site to be seen as a regular domain even when your hosting company has no domain hosting service available or if you want a page on your site to appear as a different domain. 

This is also very handy if you do a lot of affiliate marketing or are developing several mini sites, or direct sales letters.

Our personal choice for domain registrars is . As an ICANN-accredited domain registrar with world-class 24/7 customer service, they have been ranked as No. 1 in new domain registrations for the past two years and are the second largest domain registrar in the world. 

Get your own domain name today at !