How Much Web Space Do I Need?

Web Hosts have gotten a little ridiculous nowadays taking advantage of the fact that most people don't have any idea about what they need and are offering them huge plans that appear to be a great value for their money. But is it?

What do you really need?

A typical html file is usually between 10 KB and 25 KB in size. Image files are usually more as are sound files.

We strongly recommend that the "average" size of any single web pages be no more than about 50 kb each.

By keeping your pages smaller, it means that your site will be quicker to view by your site visitors!

At that size it should take around 20 seconds for your page to display to any site guest who is using a standard dialup modem.

This is what most people are still using today.

Now lets suppose that you have a large site of say 100 such pages, at 50kb each you would need,

100 x 50kb = 5000kb. Does that sound like a lot?

It's not really,  5000 kb is just 5 MB.

Where web space is often wasted and overlooked is oversized email boxes that are not emptied regularly. These do nothing but  waste your web space

And don't forget to dumb the trash!

So there you are. You could grab a 2000 MB space for just  $7  $10 or whatever $$  for space you will never use, or start at $1.99 for enough space to grow in, with the option of getting more when and if you need it here at S-Host-2

(And with S-Rewards, you could even have it all free!)

Hmmmm...  that  surely seems like more sensible hosting to me.