Online Auction Traffic

The internet auction sites are the perfect place to advertise products and your site. Ebay with its more than14 million visitors each year can give you some powerful exposure, and the cost is pennies by comparison.

I don't care what kind of product or service you have developed, as long as it's legal, it can be packaged and offered for sale at the auctions.

Notice I say offered not sold. Let me explain, I don't care if my items get sold or not at the actual auction, I just want the great exposure and the email address of everyone interested in my product line. If it sells that's great, and if not I'm still ahead with the Branding (name recognition) and requests for info (email addresses)

I don't mind spending 30 or 35 cents a day to keep a listing on Ebay. (it's a lot cheaper then running an ad in your local newspaper)

To do this effectively use your web site as your user ID but put * before and after it. Ebay does not allow actual links to your site, but with the * it is not seen as a live link and is still easily recognized as a web address to the average looker. 

Or you can create background images with your URL on them to use with your auctions, again they are seen but are not a live link.

You can also use your URL where the listing form asks for location, this will also be seen by lookers.

In your auction always tell the buyers to contact you for more information, then follow up their requests with an offer of a gift or discount on future purchases if they join your list now.

Don't ever add them to your mailing list unless they actually agree to it or you will end up making a bad reputation rather than a good one.

Another way to encourage buyer to your site is to state that you are selling this same item at the regular price of  X$ on your site.

People will visit just to see if it's true, again giving you the opportunity to get them on your list. Some may even buy from you while they are there.

Like I said this is powerful exposure for just pennies a day.

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