Why Build A Personal Website?

Besides being creative and interesting to make, a personal site is a great way to share photos ideas and fun things with others who are interested in the same things you are;

It allows you to share your ideas, interests, thoughts, and feelings, about anything you choose.

The most popular thing people write about, on their personal web sites, are about themselves or their families. 

Family web sites are very popular on the web. Surf around some family sites and you will see pictures of babies and children and hear about all the things they do. Everything from birth stories and diapers to discipline and college. 

Other ideas for your personal site include sites to share your pet stories  If you love your pets or if you think yours are truly remarkable, then you could make a site about them or for them.

Anyone can make a web site. Even teens and children can come up with some pretty interesting or fun sites

Some people make personal sites just to help others. If you know something and you think it can be of benefit to someone else, then maybe you should make a personal site about that.

Maybe you enjoy humor. You might like to make a site to share your favorite jokes, gags, stories or comics.

Perhaps you love special occasions like Christmas, or Halloween? Great!. Making a colorful, informative personal site from these themes can be great fun to make and share.

A personal site unlike a business site can be about many things. You could make one page about your family, another about your pets, another about your hobbies, Toss in last years vacation, link them all together and suddenly you have a whole website to share.

A personal site is just that. It's yours and yours alone. Do with it what you will, make it enjoy it, share it, and have some fun.