What Makes A Good Web Page?

For a search engine, a good page is one that they can easily find all the information, relevant to a particular search word on that particular page.

They want to see plenty of content about those words. Get the best search word for your page into both the title and description for that particular page. Make use of the heading <H1></H1> tags. These add extra relevancy weight to these words.

Then use those words as often as you can, while still making your page read like regular conversation for the real people who come to visit..

Never try to develop more than one or two search words on a single page, instead make more pages.

Next you have to understand that search engines don't see what we see. Look at  the "view source" of your website.  That is what the search engine spiders see, just the bare HTML code. 

That means that if you use lots of images or flash, on your site, then many of the search engines will not be able to see what your site is about. 

But it is not just images and flash that search engines have trouble with. Some also have problems with Java Scripts, dynamic elements, and to a lesser extent frame pages.

For your site visitors a good page means good content. 

You need to create a website that will provide a lot of information on how to solve the problems your guests are having or how to satisfy their desire with your particular product or service. 

Then you need to provide an easy way for your visitors to immediately buy from you, or to subscribe to your list. So many webmaster fall short on these two elements, and end up losing those valuable customers.

Making good pages is a learned art, that only continued practice will perfect.

Test your pages, make minor changes, then test it again. Continue until you get the results you are seeking.